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"The neighbourhood of Knaresdale, Williamston, and Softley, deserves the eulogies of Hodgson, and few rivers show such a pleasing union of wild and sweet scenery,where the lower fells are broken up into wildly angular forms, beautifed by trees which adapt themselves gracefully to every declivity....and growing because they like growing there.d.

The Tyne and its Tributaries, W J Palmer. 1882

The bridge is at the bottom of a short steep hill on a minor road joining the A689 south of Slaggyford. It is on the site of an older bridge and was extensively repaired in 1975-76 when a weight limit of 5 tons was imposed. The river is not particularly wide here and has pebbly banks. Slaggyford is a small village, once bigger than Alston but it lost much of its population to lead mining further up the valley. The road continues along the east bank of the river to eventually join the A686 road north of Alston.

 Williamston Bridge Facts

Constructed - date not known.
Type - Beam, concrete, on 4 concrete piers with cutwaters.
Position: Williamston, Northumberland, half a mile south of Slaggyford.
Grid Ref: NY 683 519
 Williamston Bridge

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