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O, ye taak aboot travels an' voyages far
But thor's few beats the trip fre' the toon te the bar,
As ye gan doon te Tinmuth ye'll hear the chap shoot, -
"Here's Howdon fur Jarrow, maa hinnies loup oot!"

Howdon for Jarrow, a traditional Tyneside song. Allan's Tyneside Songs and Readings. 1891.

Records exist of ferries from Jarrow to various points on the north bank in the early nineteenth century. The Palmer shipyard may have run a steam ferry from Howdon to Jarrow from 1852, nevertheless, there certainly was a ferry from 1854 and The Tyne General Ferry Company operated a 'vehicular' ferry service between the two places at about this time. Another service, this time run by the Shields Direct Ferry Company ran between Willington Quay and Jarrow from about 1850. Jarrow Borough Council also ran a service here from 1883 until sold to the Tyne General Ferry Company who operated it from 1899 until 1909 when they went into liquidation. Another proprietor took over the service until 1919, when Jarrow Council again stepped in and a new vehicular ferry was commisioned. Jarrow Council received Government financial help when running costs became a burden. Other local councils also helped. After the opening of the Tyne Pedestrian and Cycle Tunnels in 1951 the service was run by Durham and Northumberland councils. Finally, when the Tyne Road Tunnel opened in 1967 the ferry ceased running having carried shipyard and other workers for over a century.

 Howdon - Jarrow Ferry Facts

Howdon - Jarrow ferry and Willington Quay - Jarrow ferry. 1854- 1967.
Position: Jarrow/Willington Quay, Tyne and Wear.
Grid Ref: NZ 329 659
 Howdon - Jarrow Ferry

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