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"But no one sings the marriage of the Tynes - of South Tyne with North Tyne; South Tyne, a son of toil, from fountain-head and earliest springs associated with mines; and beautiful North Tyne, a daughter of the moors,... under Warden Hill, these two streams become one, they come swiftly and joyously to their union, but now take a more dignified pace, flowing at leisure past Hexham's ancient towers, by Beaufront, Dilston, Corbridge, and the green lawns of Bywell, soon, however, to resume work, of pastoral service less and less, and finally there remains for Coaly Tyne but one long working day, midst smoking chimneys, blazing furnaces, and forests of masts, until it reaches THE SEA."

The Tyne And Its Tributaries, W J Palmer. 1882.

About one mile west of Hexham the Tyne divides into its two main tributaries, North and South Tyne. The meeting point is at a distance of 30 miles from the river mouth, while the North and South Tyne each have about forty miles to travel to their sources. The meeting point can be reached by footpath from the Boatside Inn at Bridge End, or along a pleasant walk from Hexham Tyne Green along the side of the railway on the south of the river towards Warden Bridge, or again from the north along the A6079, turning left at Acomb and along a path througn the woods, coming out at the confluence on a pebbled shore. Thus, it is posiible to stand at each angle of the letter Y formed where the waters meet and watch the Tynes flow slowly into one another.

 Meeting Of The Waters Facts

Position: 1m west of Hexham, near Warden Bridge, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NY 918 660
 The Meeting Of The Waters

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