Bridges On The Tyne


This is one of the Tyne's more recent bridges and was built to link the new alignment of the A68 road which now by-passes Riding Mill and Corbridge further west. It is a slender bridge, fairly low, and supported on two oval concrete piers. The road curves away to the northwest beyond where it joins the A69. It took over two years to build starting from the north bank and was opened by the Duke of Northumberland on 10 October 1979.

In January 1990 two RAF aircraft collided while flying over nearby Riding Mill and wreckage from one hit the west side parapet bouncing off and striking the other side causing damage and repairs were effected to the parapet. Under the bridge anglers are often to be seen fishing the Tyne.

 Styford Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1977-1979
Type - beam, 2 piers, concrete.
Position: near Riding Mill, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NZ 031 618
 Styford Bridge

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