Bridges On The Tyne


"The very first snows of winter, following the closure of the railway line, blocked the much-vaunted all-weather road"

The River Tyne. Ron Thornton. 2002

Proceeding down a steep hill from the village of Coanwood, the road does a tight 180 degree turn to finally cross the Tyne by a modern bridge on its way to join the A689 at Lambley. This is part of the minor road linking Alston with Haltwhistle and when the railway closed in 1976 it was with the promise of an all-weather road which would sustain links in the bad winters then experienced in those parts. This road and bridge was then newly built between Coanwood and Lambley, linking existing minor roads. The building of the bridge involved works to temporarily divert the river so that cofferdams could be made. Heavy excavations were needed on the east side approach where the bridge is founded on rock. Once across the bridge the road climbs steeply again to its junction with the A689 near Lambley.

 Diamond Oak Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1975
Type - Beam, concrete on two piers.
Position - threequarters of a mile west of Coanwood, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NY 675 598
 Diamond Oak Bridge

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