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Parson Shields bridge is at the bottom of a fairly steep farm road leading off the A689 road north of Slaggyford. The road continues to the farm on the east side of the river across the bridge. The Tyne has a stoney bed here and the Knar Burn joins it just beyond the bridge, surrounded by many trees.

The bridge is a substantial structure of steel girders, cross-braced and supported by stone piers at each end. The roadway is also steel.It is thought that this may be the Bailey Bridge erected temporarily during repairs to the Eals bridge in 1972 and re-erected here to link the farm with the main road.

 Parson Shields Bridge

Constructed - 1972.
Type - beam, steel girder.
Position - Parson Shields, Cumbria.
Grid Ref: NY 678 531
 Parson Shields Bridge

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