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"The region of central Northumberland is as remote as Tasmania or Labrador in the consciousness of many an Englishman; in a sense it is more remote, for whereas most people have at least heard of Tasmania and visualised its characteristics, the heart of Northumberland and certain other regions of England, which are situated away from the main routes of communication, have never been given a thought and thus remain virtually unknown,"

Heart Of Northumberland'. Jasper Salwey. 1949.

Rothbury is at the heart of central Northumberland and is probably somewhat better known today than when the above was written, yet it remians a region off the beaten track for people living outside the north east region. Rothbury's old buildings, village green, church and its picturesque setting among the hills make it a pleasant town through which to wander. There are a few hotels, pubs and places to eat and several shops, although it can be no longer be reached by rail, the branch line having closed in 1952.

The modern footbridge is an attractive one and in summer the grassed area on the river bank is busy with people. There is a large car park on the south side of the bridge, which cost 2600. Stepping stones were the previous means of crossing but these tended to move in flood conditions. Ducks are often seen on the river nearby.

 Rothbury Footbridge Facts

Constructed - 1965
Type - beam, 2 concrete piers.
Position: Rothbury, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NU 058 016
 Rothbury Footbridge

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