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"However, having reached Holystone by one or other of the above routes, paused, eaten your sandwiches, perhaps visited the little Salmon Inn and marked the varied interest of this intriguing hamlet, make your way onwards past the well and you will come upon the main road at Wood Hall."

Heart Of Northumberland. Footpath Guides. No.67. Jasper Salwey. 1949.

The footbridge is just across fields off the minor road from the B6341 to Holystone and Harbottle. Cattle graze in the fields alongside the Coquet and there are views towards Hepple and beyond.

Holystone is a very small village in a secluded spot. Some houses, a church and an old farm amid pleasant surroundings make this a worthwhile place to visit. Unfortunatley the Salmon Inn mentioned above has now reverted to the private house it originally was, but Holystone still has its attractions, not least of which is the Lady's Well, reputedly dating from Saxon times, and consisting of a pool with a stone cross in the middle, together with a statue of St Paulinus.

 Holystone Footbridge Facts

Constructed - not known
Type - beam, steel girder on masonry piers.
Position: near Holystone, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NT 958 032
 Holystone Footbridge

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