Bridges On The Coquet


The early crossings on the Coquet were just fords, but in the Middle Ages a few bridges were built at important crossing points, notably at Warkworth. Floods destroyed one of the earlier bridges and in the 19th century some bridges were adopted by the County as was usual elsewhere. Several fords remain but the Coquet is prone to flooding and fords are then usually rendered unsafe to cross, especially at wider points.

Pictures of former bridges are hard to come by, but the old Sharperton bridge is pictured here.

 Former Bridges

Amble 1850?, wooden trestle bridge to north side of harbour.

Warkworth, west of Hermitage, swing bridge from small island.

Acklington Railway Bridge, timber trestle, opened 1847.

Felton Bridge, possibly an earlier (packhorse) bridge existed here.


Weldon Bridge, earlier bridges, dates not known, destroyed in 1744 and 1752.

Brinkburn, east of mill weir.

Lady's Bridge, wooden footbridge.

Thropton, a footbridge west of present footbridge.

Hepple, footbridge east of Grasslees Burn.

Sharperton Bridge, possible stone arched bridge, date unknown; 1878/1879, reconstructed 1920, a concrete beam bridge, 6 spans, with lattice work parapets.

Harbottle, footbridge on site of existing one.

Alwinton bridge, other bridges here, dates not known, remains visible upstream.

Alwinton, footbridge south of village.

Linbriggs, swing footbridge replaced 1952 by present bridge.

Shillmoor, footbridge, demolished for safety reasons 1960s.

Windyhaugh, footbridge.

 Former Fords

Warkworth - west of Hermitage.

Heather Leazes, Warkworth - east of footbridge.

Morwick, near mill. two fords, the lower one called Paupersford.

Barnhill, south of Guyzance.

Guyzance Mill.

High Park.


Shothaugh (and stepping stones).



Weldon Bridge, west of.

Cockshot Burn, east of.

Brinkburn, half mile west of.

Brinkburn High House, south of.

Rothbury, stepping stones just west of old bridge.

Rothbury 300 yards west of previous ford.

Rothbury, 300 yards west of Race Course footbridge (now Golf Club FB).

Just east of Lady's Bridge.

Warton, east of.

Caistron, 4 fords near here.

Hepple, near Grasslees Burn.

Holystone, 3 or more fords east of village.
Holystone, west of.

Stepping stones south west of Sharperton.

Sharperton 2 fords west of.

Fawcett Plantation near Sharperrton.

Harbottle, near footbridge.

Low Alwinton, ford just east of bridge.



Barrow Mill stepping stones and weir.

300 yards south of confluence with Dumb Hope Burn near Bygate.

300 yards north of Dumb Hope Burn.

Barrowburn, east of.


Carlcroft, east of.

Blindburn, east of.

Makendon, site of present bridge and 300 yards west.

Chew Green, south west of.

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