Bridges On The Aln


"Unless one keeps a good look-out one can pass wihtin a couple of hundred yards of this charming place (Alnham) and miss it altogether. An elderly signpost points the way to its church and the beautifully restored pele tower next door to it which was once its vicarage (now privatley owned)."

The Companion Guide To Northumbria. Edward Grierson. 1976.

On this stretch of the river the Aln passes more rural countryside before finding its source deep in the hills at the foot of the Cheviots at Alnham. On the way it winds through the Eslington Hall estate which has an old road bridge at its entrance. There are several footbridges at various points and fords with adjacent footbridges are also a feature.

Alnham is a tiny place and St Michael's church with its vicar's pele tower is one of the most remote in Northumberland. Beyond is a lonely road winding up towards the Cheviot Hills

 Opening Dates of Present Bridges
Whittingham West Bridge -1888?
Mountain Ford Footbridge - 1953
Lady's Bridge Eslington - 18C
Eslington East Lodge Footbridge - not known
Eslington Park Footbridge East - not known
Eslington Park Road Bridge -18C
Eslington Park Footbridge West - not known
Eslington West Lodge Footbridge - 1960
Ryle Mill Bridge - not known
Little Ryle Ford Footbridge - 1961
Alnham East Bridge - not known
Alnham Bridge - not known

 Alnham Views

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