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This footbridge replaced an earlier 4-span timber footbridge and is situated immediately east of Mountain Ford, which is an Irish ford* constructed in 1946. It cost 630 and the ford cost 410. The bridge and ford are on the minor road from Eslington Park towards Glanton and Lady's Bridge can be seen to the west.

*An Irish ford is one in which the river normally flows through pipes laid under a concrete platform, but following heavy rain when water levels rise the river then flows over the concrete platform which then becomes the bottom of a shallow ford. (This explanation is taken from the book 'Bob's Bridges', see reference page).

 Mountain Ford Footbridge Facts
Constructed - 1953
Type - beam, reinforced concrete, tubular hand rails, masonry faced abutments.
Position: near Eslington Park, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NU 049 121

 Mountain Ford Footbridge

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