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An extremely attractive bridge it is arguably the best of the Hulne Park bridges. It has two wrought iron arches with pierced spandrels at either side. The iron piers are anchored in stone cutwaters and stone abutments. The parapets are ornamental iron, painted black and the whole effect is one of grace and beauty. It was built for the second Duke of Northumberland by I. and T. Cookson of Newcastle and the iron sides are adorned with alternate Percy lions and crescents. It links paths to east and west and on the southeast side the land rises steeply. Some distance west on a bend in the river lie the remains of a wooden footbridge recently removed and lying on the bank.

 Iron Bridge Facts
Constructed - 1812
Type - two arch, iron piers.
Position: Hulne Park, Alnwick, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NU 163 152

 Iron Bridge

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