Bridges On The Aln


"Just prior to reaching the once important and medieval village of Lesbury, the river Aln makes another sudden twist, this time running almost due South, but it quickly recovers itself and swings back on its easterly course and then takes a huge sweeping loop, almost like the shape of a human ear, before spilling its liquid history into Alnmouth Bay and the fathomless depths of the North Sea beyond."

The River Bridges Of Northumberland, Volume 2, The Aln. Tony Dickens.

At Alnmouth the river flows into the North Sea about three miles north of the mouth of the River Coquet and Amble. Once the flourishing port for Alnwick five miles inland, the town dates from medieval times. Alnmouth is now a small picturesque town with fine sandy beaches and a golf course and it attracts tourists and day visitors alike.

Just upstream are the first two bridges, a narrow road bridge with an modern footbridge just to the north. Moving west the river winds around through farmland to the village of Lesbury and three more bridges from where it flows under the one and only railway bridge and then through more farmland to the outskirts of the historic town of Alnwick.

 Opening Dates of Present Bridges
Alnmouth Duchess Bridge - 1864
Alnmouth Footbridge - 1971
Lesbury Steppey Lane Footbridge - 1988
Lesbury Mill Bridge - 15C
Lesbury (New) Bridge - 2004
Lesbury Railway Viaduct - 1848/49
Old Hawkhill Stepping stones - not known
Hawkhill Bridge - 1921
Peter's Mill Footbridge - 2004
River Aln A1 Bridge - 1969

 Lesbury Old Bridge

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