Bridges On The Aln


"Alnwick holds a fascination similar to that of Berwick. Its previous importance, essential and vital connection with the history of Northumberland, and indeed of England give it romance and antiquity unequalled in its character as affected by its geographical position. Alnwick breathes the spirit of the past."

The Ramblings of Vagabond. Frederick A. Wills. 1936.

At the old town of Alnwick are many bridges ranging from the old stone bridges to the many and varied bridges in the Duke Of Northumberland's Hulne Park. The River Aln skirts around Alnwick to the north, the town climbing uphill to the south of the river valley. Alnwick castle overlooks the river and the adjoining land known as The Pastures, while to the west is the famous Lion Bridge. Hulne Park, the Duke's walled estate has many bridges crossing the Aln as it winds its way through the valley, surrounded by wooded hills and several interesting features including the Priory, Malcolm's Cross, Brizlee Tower and the Hermit's Cave.

Alnwick is a town well worth a visit, with its narrow streets, castle, churches and other old builidngs, museum, Tenantry Column and pleasant walks. Alnwick Garden is a very popular attraction with tree house, poison garden and its spectacular water features.To the east of the town centre Barter Books is one the the UK's biggest second-hand bookshops and is located in the former railway station.

 Opening Dates of Present Bridges
Denwick Bridge -1766
Lion Bridge - 1773
Canongate Bridge - 1821
Duchess's Bridge - 1868
Monk's Bridge -1901
Filberthaugh Footbridge - 1937
New Footbridge - 2009
Iron Bridge - 1812
Wooden footbridge - not known
East Brizlee Bridge - 1933
Catheugh Bridge - 1827

 Lion Bridge Alnwick

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