Bridges On The Aln


The Aln has had several former bridges, fords and one ferry. Often these were replaced by bigger bridges or reconstructed. The only former railway bridge crossing the river has been dismantled, it was on the Alnwick and Cornhill branch near Whittingham.

There have been a great many fords on the Aln and several Irish Bridges remain upstream. The old footbridge at Lesbury is pictured opposite.

 Former Bridges and Fords

Old Hawkhill, footbridge at site of present stepping stones.

Peter's Mill, footbridge on site of present footbridge.

Alnwick Estate, footbridge west of Lion Bridge.

Alnwick estate, footbridge east of Canongate Bridge, called Dairy Grounds bridge, destroyed by floods September 2008.

Hulne park Alnwick, Victoria Bridge east of present East Brizlee bridge.

Railway Bridge, east of A697, on Alnwick and Coldstream branch of North Eastern Railway (closed 2 March 1953).

Mount Holly, footbridge east of present bridge at (renamed) Mount Hooley.

Whittingham footbridge west of present Whittingham Village footbridge.

Whittingham, footbridge on site of present Whittingham West road bridge.

Pandwick Burn, footbridge, just west of confluence with Aln.

Ryle Mill

Alnham East, footbridge on site of present road bridge.

Alnham House Farm, footbridge.

Alnham House Farm, footbridge(s) west of farm.

Alnham, footbridge at site of present road bridge.
 Former Fords and Ferry

Alnmouth, ford and stepping stones from near Waterside House to gas works at south west end of town.

Alnmouth ferry from near Waterside House to south end of town.

Lesbury, ford and stepping stones, just east of footbridge.

Longhoughton Mill, between railway viaduct and Lesbury.

Old Hawkhill, ford and stepping stones.

Denwick Mill, ford and stepping stones near Peter's Mill footbridge.

Hulne Park, Alnwick, at Half Moon weir just south of Priory.

Hulne park, Alnwick, Palmstruther Haugh.

Hulne Park, Alnwick, East Brizlee.

Aberwick Mill north of buildings.

Aberwick Ford, site of present footbridge and ford.

Whittingham, just west of road bridge.

Whittingham, just west of Whittingham Village Bridge.

Whittingham fords, just west of Whittingham West Footbridge.

Mountain Ford.

Eslington West Lodge.

Ryle Mill.

Little Ryle Ford

Oxpath, east of Alnham East road bridge.

Alnham East

Alnham House Farm, just west.

Alnham site of present road bridge.

Alnham, just south east of present road bridge.

Alnham, just west of present road bridge junction on church road.

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